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Sponsorship for Alby

Great news at JAM! Sponsorship for Alberta

We thought we would share the news that Alby, one of our fantastic complex carers, has had her JAM sponsored visa approved! This is massive for Alby, who was originally on her ex-husband’s visa.

Following separation, she was facing having to leave JAM CARE to try and find a visa sponsored employer or return to Ghana.

Sharon Withers, JAM's HR & Training Manager, suggested we became a sponsor for carers from overseas. Sharon did an inordinate amount of work (a lot of documentation was involved) and this is the result! A brilliant outcome and hopefully, the start of something for JAM CARE. Really well done Sharon…life changing for Alby!

Alby is pictured here with Clare Price (Director of Operations and Registered Manager) and Sharon Withers.

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