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Thank you Clare

The JAM Team just wanted to say a massive thanks to Clare Price, our Op's Director and Registered Manager.

Read on.....

Whilst driving to work on Thursday 16 June, Clare pulled over when she saw an elderly lady lying on the pavement not moving. It turns out Margaret had been pulled over by her dog, had banged her head and knocked herself unconscious. Our fabulous Clare not only stopped to help Margaret and call the ambulance, but when the Emergency Services said it would be at least a 2-hour wait Clare, not wanting to leave the now conscious but confused Margaret to wait this long for medical support, took her to Shrewsbury A&E. Clare collected Margaret later that afternoon and took her home, ensuring she was safe and well.

Clare has always been dedicated to social care and helping people. When she was just 13 she volunteered in a Shrewsbury care home. Roll forwards to 2022 and Clare has spent the last 30 years dedicated to helping people and raising standards in social care, both in care homes and in the community…. and as Thursday showed, for Clare, caring is more than just a job…. it’s a way of life!

Thank you Clare! We are all so proud of you

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