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PanCan Day 8-4-22

Today (8th April 2022) is “Say Goodnight to Pancreatic Cancer (PanCan)” Day

PanCan Day is aimed at raising awareness of pancreatic cancer.

Worldwide there are an estimated 496,000 new cases diagnosed each year, with 10,500 of these being in the UK alone. Pancreatic cancer affects men and women equally and has the lowest 5 year survival rate of the most common 22 cancers, largely due to late diagnosis.

JAM CARE are helping to raise awareness of PanCan by asking our fab JAM colleagues to wear their PJ’s to work for the day!

Please join us in helping to raise the profile of pancreatic cancer and donate to this amazing awareness day. A massive thanks to all our JAM colleagues for getting involved today, especially Clare who actually stopped at Tescos, in her PJs, on her way to work!

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