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National Dog Theft Awareness Day

Today is Dog Theft Awareness Day

14th March 2022 The Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance’s (SAMPA) Dog Theft Awareness Day

The team at JAM CARE is very dog friendly - over 70% of the JAM team are dog owners! As such, we are huge supporters of Dog Theft Awareness Day. The loss of any animal is devastating, but when a family pet is stolen the impact on the family can be even worse. Demand for dogs has soared during the pandemic and police have seen dog thefts increase by 66% compared to pre pandemic levels, with organised gangs often stealing high value pets for resale.

At JAM we also see the critical importance of family pets to our clients living with complex conditions. It’s well documented that dogs can have positive affects on both mood and health and, for our JAM clients, we see the positive impact that pet ownership has in terms of lower blood pressure, improved mental wellbeing (especially in terms of reduced levels of depression) and a greater sense of purpose and motivation.

The Government’s Top Tips for dog safety are:

Don’t leave your dog outside a shop or supermarket Don’t let your dog out of sight during exercise Don’t leave a dog unattended in a vehicle Make sure your garden, house and outside kennels are secure. Check gates, lighting and think about CCTV Be careful who can see your pet’s photos on social media Change your routine regularly

Finally…. thanks to our JAM colleagues for sharing pics of their prized pooches! Please help us raise the profile of National Dog Theft Awareness Day by sharing this post - and let’s try reduce the number of owners going through this heartbreak.

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