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Doing things a bit differently.

Hear from our owner, some of our fabulous care team and our amazing clients and their families.  Also, see JAM's pay and benefits, read what the care industry professionals think about JAM CARE and get answers to the Qs you really want to know.

Hear why our Founder & CEO James thinks you should definitely join JAM.

...don't just take James’ word for it… after all he is the boss.

Hear what some of our fabulous colleagues think about JAM

Proud to make a difference

Read what some of our clients and their families say about JAM...

Hear what our fabulous client Will has to say about JAM and how the support from his care team has changed his life.

Hear what Claire has to say about the care and support JAM CARE gives to her dear husband and family.

“ I’m forever grateful for everything you’ve all done for us, and everything you continue to do for us …. There is so much passion in what you all say and do, and we really appreciate it” (Wife of JAM Client)

“I just want to say thanks for the fabulous support we continue to get from the team at JAM, both at home and in hospital. The consistency of these known carers, who we’ve all already built a positive relationship with, and who know and understand her communication needs, has been a tremendous help in reducing the traumas related to the medical procedures she has had to undergo, as well help to make her hospital admissions as relaxed and comfortable as possible.  Thanks JAM CARE, for everything xx”  (Mum of JAM Client)

JAM CARE is a great place to work!

You’ve heard from our owner - you’ve heard from one of our fabulous team leaders - you’ve heard from the families of our amazing clients

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Still not sure? Well hear what the Industry Professionals have been saying about JAM.


“We were so impressed with James’ innovation and passion to transform the care offered to his clients, his knowledge and passion is admirable."

(Great British Care Awards Judging Panel)

“Your clients & their loved ones were very clear they had an opportunity to shape their care and the service they received from JAM CARE, and staff said they felt listened to and that their suggestions were taken forwards. There is clearly a learning culture which is inherent throughout JAM ”

(Care Quality Commission-Care regulator)

“I found out that JAM CARE was the new team providing the client’s care. I commented how good the care staff were getting on with the client and if I hadn't of known, I would have thought they had been supporting this client for a long time. The interaction between the client and the care staff was great.”

(Social Worker)

“Led by Healthcare entrepreneur James Nichols, JAM CARE has a very well established brand, and operates a unique and standout model which is a disrupter in the Health & Social Care Sector.”

(Knightsbridge Commercial - UK’s Leading Care Business Advisor)


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Now let's answer those questions you really want to ask..

  • What does JAM stand for?
    JAM stands for James Archie Marie… which is our owner James, his fiancée Marie and son Archie. When James was looking to name the company year ago he wanted something short, punchy, and memorable… and not something named after a tree… Willow, Elm, Ash etc …. and so JAM CARE was born!
  • What does complex care mean? Do I need specialist experience?
    Complex care refers to providing care to someone with a chronic or long-term health condition. JAM’s clients tend to fall into one (or more than one) of the following categories: spinal injured, brain injured (often as a result of a life changing event such as a road traffic accident or medical negligence) or they have a genetic or acquired condition. Complex care is a really broad church but it means our clients often have a combination of chronic conditions. Our amazing JAM CARE teams support them to live the life they want to live. Like any job, experience is always helpful, however you don’t need complex care experience (or indeed care experience) to do this job brilliantly! At JAM we provide you with comprehensive training (see training question below). We want 3 key things from our carer colleagues: 1) work hard for our clients 2) be reliable and dependable and 3) genuinely care for our clients… if you’ve got these 3 then we’d love to hear from you.
  • What makes JAM different to other care companies?
    At JAM we genuinely care about our colleagues… we see you as our greatest asset. Its not a case of get you in and then forget about you… at JAM we support you throughout your career with us. We support you, we invest in you and we want you to help us shape the future of JAM. At JAM we often reference a quote from Apple Founder Steve Jobs “we don’t hire smart people and tell them what to do, we hire smart people and they tell us what to do!” Meaning that we value your opinion and you each have a voice.
  • How does JAM look after its staff?
    We start by only recruiting great people that live our values and genuinely care for our clients. We then train you brilliantly and support you every single day at JAM. You’ll never feel alone and you’ll always have multiple JAM colleagues to support you. You will also have everyone’s mobile numbers - so you will always have someone to speak to. You’ll receive regular updates from our owner (James), and your Team Leader. You will also be on a messaging group with the care colleagues you work with, so you can read updates and ideas. You’ll also get lots of development opportunities. The difficult thing will be deciding what you want to do next!
  • How do I know JAM isn't like every other care provider?
    At JAM, we are very open about doing things a little bit differently - from encouraging our care teams to innovate and come up with ideas for how we improve what we do, to our mantra that we support and care for “chimney pots”… (meaning every person who lives under our client’s chimney pot… including their families and loved ones). This is what the judges saw when we were runner up in the Newcomer of the Year category at the Great British Care Awards 2022. So, if you want to join a care provider who does things a bit differently and who puts their colleagues at the heart of what they do, then we’d love to hear from you!
  • What is JAM's ambition?
    Our ambition is to help as many people as we can, whilst raising the bar and expectation on all complex care providers. It isn’t a numbers game at JAM. We aren’t answerable to an Investment Committee or Board who insist we take on a number of care packages each month. Our focus is on constantly developing our care service, always looking for ways to improve quality and standards and only taking on new care packages where we can guarantee we can provide the best care possible. That said, we have big plans and ambitions…. and we are just at the start of our journey. So, if you want to join a care provider who's going places, who's changing the face of care for the better and you want to be part of that change, then get in touch and get onboard - we’d love to hear from you!!
  • What will I get paid at JAM?
    As you’d expect, there is no one size fits all pay rate for our carers at JAM… it depends on several factors including your skills, your experience, which clients you are caring for, but also your flexibility. So if you are a great colleague who is going over and above to support your clients and support JAM CARE, then you’ll be rewarded. Our pay rates range from £10-£15 per hour (or £22k-£32k per year) and we we also pay bonuses such as new colleague referral bonus (min £250 per referral), new client referral bonus (min £500 per referral). We also pay performance related bonuses for great work and event bonuses for all (Christmas, Jubilee etc.). We also offer lots of different shift opportunities and lots of opportunities for overtime, if you'd like to earn more.
  • Is the training any good? Will I get paid to train?
    YES & YES! At JAM we know you are only as good as the training you receive, so we train you really well at induction and throughout your time with us at JAM. Our induction training comes in 3 stages: Stage 1 You’ll have access to our training app where you’ll complete a series of online courses… just to go over some of the basics of good care (nutrition, hydration, Mental Capacity Act etc.) Stage 2 Then you’ll join us in the office for a minimum of 2 days to do your hands-on training which will include first aid, moving and handling, introduction to our JAM Ways of Working (our systems, our values, our approach to care) as well as an introduction to our clients and the bespoke care they each receive. Stage 3 This is where you get to put into practice what you’ve learned in a safe environment. You’ll meet the client(s) you are supporting and you’ll do shadow shifts accompanied by your Team Leader. You’ll also be trained on the client’s clinical needs by our Nursing Team… you will be fully supported throughout! …..oh and yes you’ll be paid for the training you complete - it’s part of our investment in you!
  • What shifts will I work?
    It depends on a number of factors, but specifically the client’s needs and how they want to be supported. We look after most of our clients 24/7 so there are usually options to do full or split shifts. We aim to minimise the number of carers supporting a client throughout the day, so our basic shift is usually 12 hours, however, we will always be flexible where we can and especially to support colleagues who work hard, are reliable and dependable and who care!
  • Will I have to travel?
    Unless you are lucky enough live next door to a JAM client then yes, you will have to travel to the home of the JAM client you are supporting . However, we always try and minimise travel time and will always try and match you to clients who live in your area. It will be your responsibility to get to your place of work, although we will help with this is we can.
  • Do you employ non-drivers?
    YES - our focus at JAM is employing great carers who can provide great support to our clients. We will talk to you at application and interview stage about opportunities and where our clients are based and we will work with you to see how you could best support those clients. At JAM are are open, honest and transparent so if we don’t have any clients who you can easily get to as a non-driver then we will be open from the start and we won’t waste your time. We also support colleagues who are non-drivers to learn to drive… if this is of interest then ask us at interview!
  • What are the main areas that you recruit in?
    The main areas that we have vacancies for care assistants are: Care Jobs Telford Care Jobs Shrewsbury Care Jobs Newport Care Jobs Oswestry
  • Are there opportunities to earn more money?
    Yes! At JAM we don’t use agency staff….ever! We train our teams brilliantly and we will always ask existing colleagues if they are looking for extra shifts to pick up more money. We also make sure that great work and great support is recognised… be that through bonuses or providing new opportunities that come with greater financial opportunities.
  • Can I work part-time at JAM?
    YES - as long as we have clients whose care plans will support the working patterns you are looking for. Our focus at JAM is always about employing great carers who can provide great support to our clients. We will talk to you at application and interview stage and whether part-time work opportunities are available. One thing we are at JAM is open, honest and transparent - so if we don’t have any clients who you can support for the hours you are looking to work then we will be open from the start and we won’t waste your time.
  • What are the benefits and holidays at JAM CARE?
    Like our rates of pay, the benefits and holidays depend on several factors. As a minimum, every carer gets 28 days paid holiday, paid training, JAM Pension (where we contribute 3% of what you earn on top of your salary), plus lots of bonus opportunities. We offer paid study support, career development and promotion opportunities, free counselling service (through our partners at Red Umbrella), support with non-repayable grant funding (through our partners at the Care Workers Charity)… and much much more!
  • Are there opportunities to develop myself at JAM?
    100%!!! We love to hear from potential colleagues who want to develop - maybe they want to study for a qualification, or be a Champion in something that they are interested in or maybe they simply want to be the best version of themselves and do the best job possible!! If this sounds like you then JAM is the place for you! Get in touch with us ASAP!!
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