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What is complex care at home?

The term complex care is a very broad church, but in essence this is where a team from JAM CARE support and care for a client in their own home who has a substantial health need.

This could be a spinal injury, brain injury, disability, a debilitating mental health condition, or an inherited/acquired condition, such as Muscular Dystrophy and Cerebral Palsy

Where do JAM CARE provide complex care support?

JAM CARE support clients in their own homes to live their best life possible. For clients who have experienced a life changing event that resulted them being admitted to hospital, JAM’s care and support will often start in hospital prior to discharge, where we will work with the client and the hospital team to ensure the discharge home is smooth and with minimal disruption to the client.


What sort of complex healthcare needs can JAM CARE support with?

JAM provide specialist care and support in 3 key areas:

1. Brain injury

2. Spinal injury

3. Acquired or inherited conditions (including degenerative)

For all our clients, the support from JAM is much more than just a series of tasks. For most we become an extension of their family and friendship groups. Although our primary role is to support our client, we are also there to  support their friends and family. Whether they’ve been through a life changing event or a recent diagnosis, the job of a complex carer is so much more than a series of tasks.


Are JAM’s complex carers different to domiciliary carers?

In terms of what makes a great carers then no… all our JAM carers (like all great carers) are compassionate, organised, hardworking, caring and much much more, but what makes our JAM cares different is the level of training they receive and JAM’s continuous investment in their development.

Led by our Nursing team, all JAM’s carers complete a basic training course as well as a comprehensive complex care training programme, and finally bespoke client-specific training. This is then followed by shadowing with an experienced colleague (all of which you will be paid for), and then once you’ve reached our competency standards will you strike out as a fully-fledged member of TEAM JAM. Finally, at JAM we see training as a constant and evolving process, so we will work with you throughout your career with us, to make sure. Then shadowing with an experienced colleagues begins. Only once you’ve reached our competency standards will you strike out. At JAM we see training as a constant and evolving process.

As well as this clinical training, all JAM carers are coached and mentored in managing the emotional and psychological needs of clients with complex needs. This could include anything from how to manage and support a client with challenging behaviours, through to support for a client who is transitioning to a new way of life after a life changing event.

What are the type of specialist services JAM CARE can provide?

The list of clinical support services JAM can provide is vast. The following are just the main areas we can support with:-

Ventilator care + Ambu-bagging 

Tracheostomy care 

Cough assist +suctioning

Chest physio

Bowel care 

Stoma care .

Catheter care 

Oxygen therapy 

Epilepsy management 

Gastrostomy care 

​Why choose JAM for Complex Care?

We work with you

We work with you and your family and loved ones to create a care plan that meets your needs and works to achieve your goals, factoring in things like your age, and your interests. When we recruit and staff your care you will be consulted throughout in the selection.

We collaborate

Great complex care only comes when all the relevant health and social care teams (Care Team, Hospital, GPs, Experts, OTs, Social workers, District Nurses etc.) all work together for the good of the client… and this is what JAM does. We work hand in hand with our H&S partners to provide the best care possible for our client - and ensure our client gets the best from all of us.

We provide brilliant nurse-led training

We invest in our colleagues every day.  Not just in their technical training, but also how to support emotionally and mentally - our clients, their families and their loved ones.

We care

It’s really simple but it’s key to making this all work. We put our clients at the heart of everything we do, but we also do everything we can to support our colleagues, whether that’s work or non-work related. We know that the best care is provided by colleagues who are happy in their work and who feel supported.

We have a reputation for excellence

We are a preferred supplier for the West Midlands’ NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, West Midlands & Lancashire),  and although we have an extremely experienced team, JAM were voted “Care Newcomer of the Year 2021" at the Great British Care Awards in October 2021.

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