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Communications Announcement

During a recent colleague survey, you told us that one of the areas we fall down as a business is with communications.  So, with this in mind we have created the best way to ensure communication is effective and simple for everyone.

Introducing the three ways to contact JAM CARE:

1. Call Us on 01952 443613

2. Email Us on

3. Message Us via WhatsApp on 07485 398533



1.   Call Us


We have streamlined to just one landline number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Any time you want to speak to someone at JAM CARE, just call 01952 443613.

A message will play when you call, asking you to choose one of four options.

Option 1 is for the Operations Team; find out about your shifts, cover, swapping shifts, hours, etc.


Option 2 is for Recruitment and HR; ask a HR related question, refer a friend or a client to JAM, apply for a new role we’ve advertised.


Option 3 is for Clinical, so you can speak directly to our nurses.


Option 4 is for anything else; if your query isn’t covered by Operations, HR & Recruitment or Clinical then choose Option 4 and someone else will be happy to help.


We ask that you no longer call individual staff mobile numbers. This is part of the reason we are failing you regarding communications.  If the colleague you are calling is in a meeting or on shift then its unlikely your call will be answered or returned in a reasonable amount of time. Just call 01952 443613 and you will be able to reach someone who can help – we can get a message to the person you need to speak to and deal with your query quickly and effectively.

We have an improved voicemail facility for you to use on the rare occasion that the everyone is busy and your call isn’t answered – and we are notified by email every time a voicemail is left so you can be rest assured that your query will be answered as quickly as possible.

2.  Email 


If you prefer to email us about your non-urgent requests or queries, we are asking that all emails now come to one place to ensure your query is answered as soon as possible. You can email us for several reasons including pay queries, rota checks, questions about shifts, hours or clients. As with the phone number, more colleagues have access to this inbox, therefore you will receive a reply much quicker than if you just email one person directly. Also with an email, you will know that your request is logged, time stamped, and everyone can refer back to it.

3. WhatsApp


Whilst we encourage the use of WhatsApp messaging, and you will all have WhatsApp groups that you utilise, we ask that you use just one number to include JAM into those conversations going forward. What you’ve always known as the “on-call” number will now be used as the number to receive your WhatsApp messages.  Again, you can WhatsApp message for a number of reasons, however, emergencies will need to come through on a voice call to 01952 443613 (such as not being able to attend shift, reporting sickness, telling us you’re late, emergency with the client). Please do NOT call us through WhatsApp, as we will not be able to take those calls, only ring us for a voice call on 01952 443613.


We will still utilise the WhatsApp number to message you outside of hours to ask for emergency cover for a shift, as we find that this is the quickest method of getting in touch with everyone and has the highest response rates back to us. Please be advised however, that these messages could come from a number of Head Office staff who will have access if needed to that account.


It will take some time to change all our existing habits, and we understand this, but if you could make your best effort to contact us in the three ways listed above, it will mean a better service and better communications for us all!

All the best

Team JAM 😊

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