How would JAM CARE adapt my home?

JAM CARE can work with the client and their family/loved ones to redesign and renovate.


This can be anything from minor adaptions like grab rails, to major renovations and the repurposing of rooms. The JAM CARE Build Team can work with OTs, architects, and surveyors to ensure the plans fully meet the client’s care and rehabilitation needs. JAM CARE can project manage the end-to-end delivery of the adaptations.

Why choose JAM CARE for adaptions?

We understand complex care.


JAM CARE has a unique advantage that it truly understands complex care. This enables us to work hand-in-hand with a client and the OT to get a full understanding of exactly what is needed. The client and OT can then work with the JAM CARE Build Team to deliver the adapted solution.

One Stop Shop


We can also be a provider of several related services, for example complex care and associated home adaptations, which is more efficient and more cost effective for the funder.